San Diego APA League Play Postponed

Monday, March 16, 2020

As mentioned in our recent posts and updates on our Facebook pages and league app, the San Diego APA has been committed to following the recommendations of local, state, and/or federal health authorities as they pertain to guidelines related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). With recent developments and new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our county, some of which may be a result of community spread, we made the decision Sunday afternoon to postpone league play for a two-week period effective Sunday, March 15th with the intention of resuming play on Sunday, March 29, 2020.
As you may have heard, shortly after we made our decision to suspend league play, Governor Newsom urged bars, nightclubs and breweries to shut down. Some areas of the country, including Los Angeles County, are mandating that bars shut down and we believe it is inevitable that the bars in San Diego County will be forced to close their doors for a period of time.
The health and well-being of our members is our highest priority and due to the unknowns of this unprecedented situation, we are acting on the side of caution. During this postponement period, we will continue to work with the APA National Office and the aforementioned health authorities to evaluate the situation and to determine if an ongoing suspension of play is necessary and how long such a suspension might last.
We realize that this situation is very stressful and difficult for many of our members and some members may experience financial hardships due to their places of employment shutting down. Therefore, we will not be requiring makeups for these matches. Play is tentatively scheduled to resume on Sunday, March 29 and the match schedule that is set up for this week is the schedule we will use in two weeks. We will eliminate the last two weeks that are currently on the schedule to accommodate this shift. We know many of you have questions about making sure your teammates get to play the required number of matches to qualify for higher level tournaments. We are not authorized to change the eligibility rules, but we are hopeful that most players will still be able to gain eligibility despite the shortened schedule.
We will continue to be in contact via Facebook and the Member Services App to provide updates on any future information we have related to this situation. We ask that Team Captains share this information with your teams immediately and ask that all members share this on social media so that this update gets out to all members as soon as possible.
Please, stay safe, wash your hands, use sanitizer, cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow, stay home if you aren't feeling well and do whatever else you can to minimize the risk to you and your loved ones during this time.
Contact the League Office with any questions you may have regarding this matter. We very much look forward to getting back to the fun and excitement of league play as soon as possible!
Thank You,
Brian and Jill Frankland
San Diego APA - League Operators
619-303-0183 – League Website