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In the APA everyone can play - and anyone can win.

2023 SPRING SESSION begins on January 2nd!
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Get in on the fun and register your team today! Just gather some friends and family, choose a place to play and REGISTER here! Or contact us at 619-303-0183 and we can help you find a fun team to join close to your area of San Diego County!  You and your team could win a trip to Vegas to play in the 2023 APA World Pool Championships for a share of the $1 Million prize fund - even if you're only a beginning poolplayer! Because in the APA...

Everyone Can Play...Anyone Can Win®!  


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In the APA everyone can play - and anyone can win.

Only in the APA Pool League can you find the Equalizer Handicap System. The Equalizer system lets you compete against any skill level regardless of your own. No matter if you are a beginner or a pool shark - everyone has an even playing field in the APA Pool League.

This also means that everyone has an equal chance at winning over $1.5 MILLION at one of our national tournaments. Our tournaments are world famous - in fact they are the Largest in the World according to Guiness Book of World Records.

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San Diego
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Junior, 9-Ball Open, Masters


January 2023
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Feb 4 2023 10:00AM - Feb 4 2023 11:00PM 2022 Fall Session 8-Ball BLAST Triannual
Feb 5 2023 10:00AM - Feb 5 2023 11:00PM 2022 Fall Session 9-Ball BLAST Triannual
Mar 4 2023 10:00AM - Mar 5 2023 11:00PM 2023 Spring Singles Regional
Mar 23 2023 6:00PM - Mar 26 2023 4:00PM 8-Ball Southwest Challenge
Apr 15 2023 10:00AM Spring Jr Award Ceremony and Fundraiser
May 6 2023 10:00AM 2023 SDAPA Jr City Championships
May 20 2023 10:00AM - May 20 2023 11:00PM 2023 Spring Session 8-Ball BLAST Triannual
May 21 2023 10:00AM - May 21 2023 11:00PM 2023 Spring Session 9-Ball BLAST Triannual
Jun 3 2023 9:00AM - Jun 4 2023 11:00PM 2023 SDAPA 8-Ball City Championship
Jun 10 2023 9:00AM - Jun 11 2023 11:00PM 2023 SDAPA 9-Ball City Championship
Jun 17 2023 9:00AM 2023 Team Captain Appreciation and Championship Qualifier
Jun 24 2023 10:00AM - Jun 24 2023 7:00PM 2023 SDAPA Ladies City Championships