San Diego APA City Championship World Qualifiers

(Final Rounds of The Local Team Championship - LTC)
The City Championship takes place once a year after the Spring Session is complete and is considered the final rounds of the LTC. The winners of the 9-ball BLAST tournaments, the winners of the 8-ball BLAST tournaments and the Ladies Leagues’ Division and Playoff winners from the appropriate league year will be entered into the City Championship provided they retain their eligible status as defined in the Team Manual. The City Championship qualifies teams to participate in the APA National Team Championship (NTC) (see the Team Manual for more information regarding the NTC). The league area is granted a certain number of entries for the National Team Championship based on the number of teams the league area has participating in each format. One tournament board per National Team entry will be run at the City Championship. The League Operators will conduct a blind draw in the presence of at least two members of the BOG to determine board placements and match-ups. A player may participate with any team with which he/she is eligible (see the Team Manual for eligibility requirements). If a player is eligible on two teams that meet during the tournament, the player may elect not to play for either team during that match and advance with the team that wins, or he/she may choose to play with one of the two teams, but if that team loses, the player will not be allowed to advance with the team that wins that match. If a team that qualifies for the NTC cannot attend the NTC, then the team that finishes directly behind it in the City Championship will be invited to participate in its place.

2018 City Championship Info

Ladies 8-Ball - June 2-3
Open 9-Ball June 2 - 3
Open 8-Ball June 9 - 10


Schedules and Rosters

Important City Championship Information and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions