At the SDAPA, we continue to strive to make technological improvements in order to enhance our members' experience. We recognize that as technology advances, so must we if we're going to continue those efforts. With that in mind, we have implemented new payment options that will allow you to pay your team fees electronically. We have also implemented a system for electronic downloading and submission of score sheets which will allow you to avoid having to depend on the US Postal System and will give you the option of printing your own score sheets at home and emailing them back to the League Office when your matches are complete.*

Beginning on Sunday, February 12th, all teams will be asked to print and email their score sheets* and choose a payment method from those outlined below.

* If your team does not have any members that can print and/or email your score sheets back to the League Office, please
contact the League Office as soon as possible so that we can work with you on a solution.


1. Online Payment Portal
Our Online Payment Portal, located at, provides a secure, quick and convenient way to pay fees using your credit or debit card. Simply select an item to add to the shopping cart and check out using your Master Card, Visa or debit card.

You may pay for one or more teams at a time, and you may pay for one or more weeks at a time as well. Just be sure to include the appropriate team number(s) when filling out the order form and be sure your payment is made by the due date (see bottom of the page for fee schedule). Pre-paid weeks will show as a credit on your scoresheet.
[Please note that online payments of annual MEMBERSHIP dues can ONLY be made individually by signing in to the APA Online Member Services at

NEW MEMBERS that have already been added to a roster but have not yet paid a membership fee, have been assigned a membership number that they must use when paying their membership fees on the APA Online Member Services website and should select "Returning Member - Join Again" NOT "New Member - Join Now." New members may call the League Office to verify this information before attempting to pay their membership fees online.
Additionally, credit/debit card payments will not be accepted for tournament entry fees.]

2. Money Transfer through your bank

Many banks offer free money transfer service. All you need in order to send a payment is an email address for the recipient. Check with your bank to find out if they offer this service. 

If you choose to use this method, send payments to and include your team name and team number.

3. Online Bill Pay through your bank
Most banks also offer free online bill pay services to their account holders, which allows the account holder to set up one-time and/or recurring bill payments. You simply set up San Diego APA as a Payee, decide whether to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments, fill in the dollar amount, select which of your accounts to withdraw the payment(s) from and then select the date(s) you’d like to send the payment(s) out. If you do not bank with Union Bank of California, your bank will mail a check to our P.O. Box (you provide the address when you set up San Diego APA as a Payee). This may take as many as 5 business days, so you will need to schedule your payments accordingly so that they arrive by the due date. But, once you set up dates for recurring payments, you won’t have to worry about dues being paid on time. You might occasionally have to make adjustments if the schedule changes and a bye is added, removed or is now on a different week.  
If you choose this payment method, please use your team number if you are asked to provide an APA account # and please use the notes or memo option if available to provide your team name and to clarify what you are paying for just as you would use the message section of your score sheet.
If you are a Union Bank of California account holder, the process is the same, but the payment will be made electronically from your account to ours and will only take a day or two to process. There should be no fees associated with this payment method if you pay with a checking or savings account.
4. Free or low-cost payment app

There are several free or low-cost payment apps available that make it easy to make payments from your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Some examples include: Google Wallet, Pop Money, Venmo, PayPal (please send via Friends and Family) and Square Cash. Once you sign up for one, you simply send payments to our payment email address at (If using Venmo, please send payments to Brian-Frankland).

If you choose this method of payment, please include your team name and team number with your payment.  Also, please check with the League Office first to make sure it is a form of payment that we accept. Please also note that tournament fees may not be paid using this method.


5. Payment through the U.S. Postal System

Mail to: San Diego APA
P.O. Box 19848
San Diego, CA 92159

​Each team will be responsible for making sure payment is received in the League Office by the due date. Because the mail system often takes more time than is allotted to you for on-time submission of score sheets and fees, it is highly recommended that the team carries a minimum one-week credit to ensure that the team receives its bonus points and does not become past due as a result of slow delivery by the Post Office.

If you choose this payment method, please use the message section of your score sheet to record what you are paying for and please include your 5-digit team number in the return address section on your return envelope.

Each team is asked to print its own score sheet each week by having a team member log in to his or her Online Member Services account at and selecting “Scoresheets” from the top menu. [Click here for instructions on claiming your online account,

Once a team match is completed, each team is asked to email the completed score sheet (when submitting 9-Ball sheets, please submit BOTH sides) to no later than the due date listed below. This can be accomplished either by taking a photo of the score sheet with your phone, by using a document scanning app on your phone or by using a scanning machine. Please make sure we can easily read your submitted score sheet or you may be asked to resubmit it or you may lose bonus points. We recommend using a phone scanning app or a home/office scanning machine and submitting your score sheets in PDF format in order to ensure an acceptable quality image.
Recommended free scanning apps: Evernote Scannable (iPhone)   CamScanner (Android)

If your team does not have any members that can print and/or email your score sheets back to the League Office, please
contact the League Office as soon as possible so that we can work with you on a solution.


In order to ensure that league stats are updated in a timely fashion and in order for a team to earn its bonus points each week, it is necessary that teams submit their fees and neat, accurate score sheets no later than 10:00am on the due date:
Sunday and Monday teams: due by 10:00 am the following Thursday 

Tuesday teams: due 
by 10:00 am the following Friday

Wednesday and Thursday teams: due 
by 10:00 am the following Monday

Friday and Saturday teams: due 
by 10:00 am the following Wednesday