Captain's Log, August 7th, 2011

This is the final week of the Summer Session. I figured we better send out a paper copy of the Captain’s Log this week just to help everyone remember how we close out a session and begin a new one. I’ve sort of taken a bit of a break from writing up Captain’s Logs of late, and I’m going to get back to writing them more regularly once the next session starts. Captain’s Logs will typically only be found online, however, as we are doing our best to conserve trees.


Many of you have found your way to our new web site, and APA has now made it a little easier to get online, but for anyone who still needs help, please give the office a call at 619-303-0183 and allow us to help you. We almost always have someone in the office between 9am to 7:30pm everyday, and if we can’t get you registered for the site, we will have APA do it. Don’t just give up or curse our names. Give us a chance to brighten your day! We’ve been able to help just about every person who contacts us. 

We do wish to thank everyone for their patience during the transition to the new web site. It’s not complete by any means, but it’s certainly taking on more of a feel of the old one every day. 


Here is the playoff schedule for the Summer Session. Please note that a week is being skipped for the National Championships in Las Vegas. 

Week 1 of the playoffs will take place on your normal league night starting on the week of August 14th. Week 2 will take place on your normal league night the week of August 28th. 

Playoffs are structured based on division size, with every team having a chance to get in with a wild card draw. Wild card teams are any team that is caught up on league dues, doesn’t have more than 5 forfeits for the session and didn’t earn a playoff berth. Every division features at least one wild card team. The playoff structure is as follows:  

Divisions with up to 5 teams: 1st plays the wild card, 2nd plays 3rd  
Divisions of 6-11 teams: 2nd plays the wild card, 3rd plays 4th (Division winner is exempt from playoffs and advances to BLAST)  
Divisions of 12-16 teams: Two playoff brackets: Playoff 1: 2nd plays wild card 1, 4th plays 6th, Playoff 2: 3rd plays wild card 2, 5th plays 7th (Division winner is exempt from playoffs and advances to BLAST)  
The highest finishing team is the home team for all playoff matches. The wild card draw and posting of playoff schedules for Sunday and Monday teams will take place on Thursday, Aug. 11th, for Tuesday teams on Friday, Aug. 12th and for Wednesday and Thursday teams on Monday, Aug. 14th. You will be able to view the schedules by logging into your APA Member Account, selecting Member Services and Stats from the left menu of the web site homepage and then selecting "My Stats, schedules and rosters" from the top menu. We will also post the schedules to the Division Schedules page (see the left menu of the web site homepage).


The APA National Team ChampionshipsThe APA National Team Championships are scheduled for August 18th-August 27th at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. SDAPA has 12 teams competing in the event this year. Of those 11 teams, 6 are competing in the Open 8 Ball Division, 5 are competing in the Open 9 Ball Division and 1 is competing in the Ladies 8 Ball Event. We also have several teams competing in the Scotch Doubles and Masters events. is where you can find out all of the information about the APA National events and keep track of how our teams are doing. 

2 Tears In A Bucket from The Hungry Stick (San Diego): Team Captain: Jenn Kairis, Roxanne Hartland, Debbie McGlade, Lorraine Armijo, Maureen (Mo) Giacalone and Jennifer Wirkus
The Next Level from Five Points Sports Bar (Escondido): Team Captain: Raul Garcia, William Miller, Jerri Thurtle, Enchanted Shaffer, Connie Heredia, Arthur Moen and Abraham Carmona.

Chicks Plus One from Double D's On Broadway (El Cajon): Team Captain: Dev Knepp, Amy Ward, Veronica Arroyo, Sandra Vanderwater, Danielle Lopez, Richard Housley, Tami Beedie and Bridgette North.

It Is What It Is from Stoney's (National City): Team Captain: Jerome Gurule, Ceaser Mayfield, Paul Martinez, Earl Michael Yabut, Robert Tankersley, Bernadine Diaz, Patricia Gurule and Jeannett Turner.

Spot You The 9 from Hungry Stick (San Diego): Team Captain: Lawrence Weathers, Rudy Yee, Garrett Himaka, Raymond Steinert, Sara Burke, Anthony Sanjume, Dede Burum and Robert Bennett.  
Natural Born Strokers from Chico Club (La Mesa): Team Captain: Sloan Lohse, Bob Loree, Ducky Holt, Nellie Del Rosario, Christie Almendarez, Jacob Avii, Kristine Rivera and Jessica Vera. (Team was invited to participate in the 2011 event after being knocked out of the 2010 event by a team that was eventually disqualified.)
The Better Half from Kelly's Pub (El Cajon): Team Captain: Michael David, Luis Ruiz, Mike Wray, Kenneth Simpson, Chris Clamp, Lori Edison, Luke Ruiz and Brandon Dodge.

Lights Out from On Cue Billiards (La Mesa): Team Captain: Joe Castanho, Christopher Moore, Tony Meier, Rob Shearer, Donald Stapp, Daniel Nemanich, Tad Pinney and Anneliese Wells.

Thursdays Are Rough from J.P.'s Pub (San Diego): Team Captain: Joseph Brenner, Sean McClure, Warren Den, John Vadakumcherry, Betsy Francis, Brandon Yerkes, Colin Lind and Matt Medina.

5 Queens and 3 Jokers from Double D's On Broadway (El Cajon): Team Captain: Dev Knepp, Devon Abbatte, Bridgette North, Ben Rosenberg, Richard Housley, Holly Knepp, Nicole Valenzuela and Vanessa Borgne.

We Have Issues from The Junction (El Cajon): Team Captain: Glenn Troiano, Mo Troiano, Jon Smith, Bruce James, Charity Madden, Stephen Mellinger, Kathy James and Greg Cabaniss.

The James Gang of San Diego from The Library (San Diego): Team Captain: Bruce James, Kimberly Crouse, Sarah Egedy, Daryl Shifflett, Brian Egedy, Greg Cabaniss, Jon Smith and Kathy James.
Unofficial: David Laguana and Shawn Lopez
Filipino Gingers: Kimberly Stephens and Sean Ahlers
The Muthas: Sam Reisman and Mike Koontz 
SD Twice Dead: Noah Shah and Paul Hebert
Domino Rally: Amanda Joyner and Wayne Joyner
The APA Masters ChampionshipMasters - August 21 - 24: 
Hurricanes - Tony Witty, John Pasquarella, Mike DeFino and Paul Langley
Hearth House - Jeff Brauer, Marshall Chambers, Peter Collins and Chris Rose
Gan 5 - Mo Li, Kevin Lin, Te Guo and Jason Lu
There is plenty happening at this event for any APA member that just wants to wander out to the National Tournament. There are mini tournaments and plenty of spectator seating if you just want to go out and watch. It’s pool everything and the biggest pool tournament in the world. Anyway, we wish all of our teams the best of luck and know they will do San Diego proud.

If the message “your team has not registered for the next session” is printing on your score sheet, it’s because we have not yet been notified of your intentions for the Fall Session. Just write a note on the score sheet and let us know if you are registering the team for the Fall or dropping the team. We will take it from there. If you're thinking of dropping your team, please check with your teammates to see if any of them want to continue playing. If there are some who wish to continue, please have them contact the League Office so we can help them form a new team or join another one. Just because you won't be playing doesn't necessarily mean the rest of your team wants to stop playing  too. Please do not register existing teams through the web site. That’s for new team registrations. We prefer that existing teams register using their score sheet, thanks! We are taking registrations for new and existing teams now. The Fall Session begins the week of September 6.
The Summer Session Blast takes place the weekend of October 8-9. Sign ups are already happening for the 9 Ball Southwest Challenge, which takes place October 20-23. Thanks for another fun session!


Shoot Pool Good!!    

Brian, Jill and Lindsay 619-303-0183         Find us on Facebook as San Diego APA