Captain's Log, May 15th, 2011 

Welcome to the lovely Summer APA Session, when the weather starts making us remember how awesome it is to live in Sunny San Diego. A time when no team is currently in first place or in last place and no one has yet qualified to compete in the 2012 City Championships. It's a time to start fresh and try to put together a great new session and get qualified for the City Championships early rather than in that final session. But, we do still have the 2011 City Championships ahead of us, and almost all of the teams are set.  

Welcome to all of our newest teams, captains and league members and to our returning members, welcome back! This Summer Session will bring a few changes for our league.  Not because anything major has changed with the games, the formats or the structure of the league, but because we are transitioning to a new website. The new website address is Out with the old and in with the new is not just an old cliché, but a very common theme to everything computers. Between PC's, laptops, ipads and smart phones, people have a connection to the internet just about everywhere they are. We are pleased so many people have made one of the sites you visit regularly, and we aim to make the new site one you will enjoy visiting even more, with some new features, content and ease of use. 

Please note that the new address does NOT have www in front of it, and you should not include it when you type it into your address bar. While adding www will take you to the same site, we cannot assure you that the format of the page will layout properly in the browser you are using. APA is working on a fix for this, but until then, leave the www off. 

There will definitely be some changes to the web site (especially regarding which stats will be available and how they will be displayed) and it will definitely take some getting used to. During and after the transition, you will still have access to your personal stats, team stats and division stats. They will just be in a different format than what we've been presenting on the site. You will still be able to navigate through them easily through a point and click functionality. And although some of the features we've offered locally will not be available, we ask that you please be patient as APA converts our software program to a new and improved model, and gets all 270+ League Areas transferred over, which will take several weeks. Once the process is complete, APA will be able to dedicate more time to exploring ways to make the websites the best they can be for our organization. 

With the new web site, in order to access stats for yourself , your teams and your divisions, you will need to register with the APA Online Member Services at Links to the Online Member Services site can also be found on the  website homepage, at the top of the new website homepage where it says 'Create Account', on the Local Stats page of the new website and on the APA National website homepage at It is extremely important that you pay close attention to how your name is spelled in our database when you attempt to register. We must also have your birth date and other info from the membership application on file in order for you to be able to create your account. Once you are registered, you will then be able to get access to your stats.  

One of the more recent additions APA has made is the ability to pay memberships with a credit card through the APA National web site We aren't accepting credit card payments for local league fees yet, but it's something we will be looking into once we get settled into our new software and web site. 

I started babbling about the web site stuff first, mainly because I know that a huge percentage of our league members have yet to register for the new site to be able to start accessing schedules and other stats. Late registrants may encounter some issues getting registered while large numbers of  late registrants from all over the country are attempting to get registered within a similar timeframe, so please don't put this off too long. We apologize if you do encounter any difficulties with this process. If you're having problems and you have already verified with us that we have your correct information on file, you may have to contact the National Office, as we do not have any local administrative control over it other than verifying your information.  

Every new session brings new league members and teams and divisions. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members and hope that your APA experience is as enjoyable for all of you as it has been for our continuing league members.  Veteran teams, please help out our new teams by helping them learn how to keep score and all the other basics that will help them ease into becoming the next batch of APA veteran teams.  

Teams can add players at any time during this session except within the last 3 weeks of the session. Players who have not yet paid their 2011 membership dues have until week 4 to pay those dues, although it is highly recommended that you submit them as soon as possible. After week 4, anyone that hasn't paid, will be dropped from their rosters. They may pay their membership fee and be re-added the next week, but anyonebeing added to a team after week 4 must pay their membership fees in order to be added. If a team plays an unpaid player after week 4, the team will be marked $25 past due for the membership fee and the team will not receive any bonus points until that past due is made up. 

Weekly fees are $40.00 per team regardless of how many matches are played each week, and these fees are due back each week with your score sheet. Timely submission of the weekly score sheet and fees is necessary to have up-to-date standings, statistics and handicaps. We offer bonus points each week for having all paperwork returned in a timely manner, complete and accurate score sheets and all of your fees paid up, with 1 point to 8 ball teams and 10 points for 9 Ball teams.  In house league teams where the score sheets are delivered by packet to the location just need to return the score sheet to the location packet at the end of their league match. Teams on the mailing system must have their envelope postmarked the first mailing day following the league match. 

When submitting membership fees for players on your team, please specify in the fees section of the score sheet which player(s) you are submitting them for.  

This is the super busy APA time. The weekend of May 21-22 is the 8 Ball and 9 Ball Blast. Schedules and rosters will be posted to the old for Blast and City Championships. The newer site will be for everything related to the Summer Session. The Blast will take place at The Hungry Stick, with 8 Ball teams competing on Saturday and 9 Ball teams competing on Sunday. Some 9 Ball qualified teams will advance directly to the City Championships through a blind draw process. We will post those teams to the old web site as well. 

The Ladies 8 Ball City Championships will be taking place at the Hungry Stick on June 3rd and 5th. The first round will take place on Friday night and the semifinals and finals will take place on Sunday. One team will advance to the APA Ladies National Team Championships in August. 

The 9 Ball City Championships will be taking place the same weekend at the Hungry Stick on June 4th and 5th. 4 teams will advance to the APA 9 Ball Team Championships. 

*Actually, there will be a 5th team representing San Diego in 9 Ball this year at Nationals as Sloan Lohse's team Natural Born Strokers has received an invite back after being defeated last year by a team that was disqualified from the APA National Championships. We didn't want to announce it until it was confirmed that Sloan wished to accept the invite back, and now that it is confirmed, there you have it. Sloan's team was actually one of the 21 teams that qualified for Cities in the Fall, but they no longer need to compete in Cities which opens up one more spot for a team to qualify for Cities from the Spring Session. The Spring Session normally qualifies 22 teams for Cities, but we will be qualifying 23 this time instead. 

It sucks that Sloan's team had to lose to a team that wasn't playing under the same rules as everyone else, but the good news is they have another shot at it this year while that other team is taking a long break from playing APA.  

The 8 Ball City Championships will take place on the weekend of June 11th and 12th at the Hungry Stick, and we will be qualifying 6 teams for the APA 8 Ball Team Championships.  

That's 12 teams representing SDAPA at the Nationals this year, breaking last year's record of 11. We look forward to such solid representation and wish you all the best of luck on your journey to be one of those teams as you compete in the upcoming Blast and City Championship events. For those teams that won't be competing in those events along with those who lose out in those events, the qualifying window for the 2012 National events is now open. Good luck! 

The Blast and City Championships is where we will be providing end of Spring Session individual trophies and plaques for winning the Division Championships and Playoff Championships. We will also have all of the MVP trophies on hand for the Spring Session and a few of the previous sessions' leftovers along with Perfect Session trophies. Patches (including Sportsmanship patches) can be picked up for all of your teammates who earned them for the Spring Session. 500 match trophies and certificates will be available to those players that have earned them and are competing in any of the Blast or City Championship events. If you have reached the 500 match plateau and won't be competing in these events, but would like to pick yours up, we will be happy to have it there waiting for you if you give us a heads up. We will have City Championship t-shirts once again at the City Championship event, and Jill has made another great design for shirts. Get them before they run out. 

We recently returned from two APA events. We hardly got settled in from conducting the annual 8 Ball Southwest Challenge tournament before it was time to head right back to Las Vegas for the APA Singles National Championships. We had 19 players from SDAPA competing in this event and they sure thrilled us all with an outstanding display of support, sportsmanship and finishes.  

Cindy Birse was the top finisher with a 5th place finish on the skill level 4-5 board in 9 Ball. Michael Wilborn finished in 9th place on the skill level 6-7 board in 8 Ball, and John DeMasse finished in 9th place in the skill level 4-5 board in 9 Ball. We also had Dina Simmons, Tony Witty and Clint Scott all finishing in 17th place on their respective boards. The entire list of how everyone did can be found on the message board on the old site in the tournament forum. Wish them all congratulations on a job well done. We're gonna grab one of those first place finishes soon. I can feel it.  

Speaking of Singles, the qualifying window for the Fall Regional is closing on June 15th. The qualifying window for the Spring Regional opens on June 16th. There won't be much singles board activity happening at the Hungry Stick before June 15th  since the Stick will be hosting our BLAST and City Championship events, taking up most of the available weekends until then. However, members may run qualifier boards at any location on any date that works for them and the location. If you're interested in putting one together, contact the League Office and we'll get you set up.  

San Diego was well represented at the APA Southwest Challenge also. Michael David, Ryan Pearson and Lori Edison had the highest finish by making it all the way to 3rd place. Congratulations on an outstanding display of endurance, patience and ability to make it that far. The rest of the standings for all of our San Diego teams can be found on the tournament forum on the old message board of our web site. 

Our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of David Iuli Sr, who recently passed away. He and his son have both played APA in San Diego on and off throughout the years and he will be missed by many. He was 59.  

Shoot Pool Good!!    

Brian and Jill

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